Carel Pietersz Fabritius (1622 - 1654) was a Dutch painter who was a pupil of Rembrandt and worked in his studio in Amsterdam.

Fabritius, who was a member of the Delft School and developed his own artistic style through experimentation with perspective and lighting.  Of all Rembrandt's pupils, Fabritius was the only one to develop his own artistic style. A typical Rembrandt portrait would have a plain dark background with the subject defined by spotlighting. In contrast, Fabritius' portraits feature delicately lit subjects against light-coloured, textured backgrounds.

Fabritius became interested in the technical aspects of painting. He used cool colour harmonies to create shape in a luminous style of painting.

Carel Fabritius's most recognisable works include A View of Delft (1652), The Goldfinch (1654) and The Sentry (1654).