Quality is at the Heart of Everything we Do

Professional Framing Service

"Quality is pride of workmanship"

We have partnered with a professional framer who has been in the framing business for over two decades. Our framing service offers three popular finishes; matte black, matte white and a natural timber finish. The benefit of ordering our frames is that they are a fraction of the cost of a traditional framer. With the consistent quality and craftsmanship of a qualified framer.

Museum & Gallery Print Media

"Not all paper and inks are created equal"

We tested and re-tested a significant collection of high quality archival paper before picking the best performing paper to meet the high standards of our artwork. With quality at the core of our decision making, we choose a superior performing 325gsm archival paper. This paper is equally paired with high quality archival inks for an exceptional quality art print finish.

Made in New Zealand

"Sweet as"

Being Kiwi's ourselves, like you, we put 100% into what we do! Being a NZ owned and operated art print business means we are able to offer New Zealanders quick shipping, someone who speaks Kiwi on the other end of our 0800 number, flat rate shipping or free shipping and easy returns. We offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Making ordering your favourite artwork easier than ever, knowing we've got you covered.

Quality Matters

"Quality that lasts a lifetime"

Our founding belief has always been to provide New Zealanders with unique contemporary and iconic high quality art prints, without the expensive price tag. To do this and maintain our quality, we set out to minimise any unnecessary overheads, keeping our business purely online and passing those savings onto our customers who benefit by ordering museum and gallery quality art prints at a fraction of the cost of other retailers.

Art World Collaborators

Supporting Our Artists

“Art evokes feelings that you didn't realise were there, it makes your heart swell like a new found love”

Every order that is made helps an artist to do what they love and we feel honoured to be a part of that. Our business provides independent artists and collectives a springboard into the New Zealand market place with a New Zealand company who is passionate about art. We respect our artists ability to turn a blank canvas into something exceptional and we are constantly inspired by the creative talent we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis.

Pictured (above) artist Alexander Grahovsky

Museum Collaborations

“I should like to do portraits which will appear as revelations to people in a hundred years’ time.”

Vincent van Gogh, 1890

The old masters who defined the revolutionary developments in art throughout the 19th and 20th centuries are found in our icons collection. There is nothing quite like a Matisse or van Gogh hanging on your wall to bring some historic, artistic depth to an interior decor. We work alongside Museums to ensure these masterpieces have an outstanding reproduction quality. We do this by digitally enhancing each art piece to ensure a high quality reproduction as some pieces are over 300 years old.

Our Artist Leanne Simpson

Illustrator and Surface Designer from Brisbane, Australia

"Partnering with Smash Crab to reach the New Zealand market has been a great experience for me as an artist. Aneta and the Smash Crab Team are passionate about art and respect me as an artist and my artwork. The communication is excellent and our relationship has been ongoing for nearly two years now and I am thankful for the open and honest relationship we have."

Leanne Simpson, 2021

Art Institute Collaborations

"Curation of art is not only a passion, but ones ability to identify great art and artistry"

We work with many different art institutes to bring a great selection of art to our little corner of the world. Our curator is 100% committed to identify not only great art but unique art that hasn't been available in New Zealand until now.