Gypsy Woman

by amedeo modigliani

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      Amedeo Modigliani created Gypsy Woman with oil on canvas in 1919. Modigliani's portraits were revolutionary at the time and had an unparalleled style of expressionism whereby he elongated the proportions of his muses, using almond shaped eyes, disproportionately long necks with captivating compositions. Gypsy Woman is portrayed by Modigliani with his celebrated expressionism style with the dominate feature of this artwork being the woman's elongated neck, nose and oval face in true Modigliani style.  Gypsy Woman creates an immediate sense of calm with the viewer, Modigliani evokes these emotions with the Gypsy Woman's traditional clothes, the likeness in the colour of her cheeks and colour on her shirt and her unassuming gaze with her fingers enlaced holding her baby. A stunning piece of expressionism worthy of a special place in either a contemporary or vintage influenced interior decor.
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The Artist


Amedeo Modigliani (1884 - 1920) was a prolific Italian expressionist painter who worked mostly in France.  Modigliani's legacy is a body of work that modernised figurative painting.

Modigliani's famed figurative nudes were often characterised by their elongated bodies and dramatic almond eyes, his subjects are distinctively 'Modigliani', his formal works were unlike any other of his time that it still defies classification - each individualised and telling a different story about his life and art.  Modigliani would sketch furiously, sometimes drawing over 100 sketches a day, focusing on his favored subject the human form.

Modigliani  became the epitome of the tragic artist, creating a posthumous legend almost as well known as that of Vincent van Gogh. Due to a long turbercular meningitis diagnosis and alcohol affliction, which would ultimately end with his untimely death at 35 years old.

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